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By being in the real estate industry for three decades we didn’t forget to share our success. We always share our harvest with community, work place, market place & environment itself which is a gift of nature.


We care about community in terms of their physical & mental wellbeing. We have organized blood donation campaigns, alms for elders, sil observations & concerts for elders etc. Once a year we support selected school children for their schooling too.


We don’t know what the most precious place of the earth is. But we promise that the place you choose will be a precious place for you & your family. Sustainable development & right mixture usage assure such a precious place.


Lakdinu staff is always in happy with adequate appreciations, environmental trips, outbound trainings New Year festivals etc. Apart from that time to time Lakdinu organizes a program called “SiyumaliSithiwili” for employees’ mental relaxation & facilitates them to maintain a mini library for enhancing their reading.


As our product is a gift of nature we always concentrate on how to protect & grow our environment. Many of our lands have been developed mostly in an environmental friendly manner as well as we didn’t forget to plant in them. As well we instruct & motivate our employees for home cultivation through the program known as “ApiWawamu, SuwaWindimu” & to expand home cultivation in their villages too.